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Rostra 260-1006-UNI

Daytime Running Lights 4-LED Long Slim Design

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  • Manufacturer: Rostra


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These Rostra LED daytime running lights offer increased safety benefits and a custom-stylized design. They include a color-matched set of LED lamps to ensure uniform color, trim bezels, bracketry, and a waterproof ballast module that ensures clean, stable voltage to the LED lamp, allowing each LED to reach its maximum lifetime potential. The 1 watt LEDs are on at full intensity so that, even in direct sunlight, the car’s visibility is greatly enhanced. When the headlights are powered on, the ballast module reduces the power of the LEDs, minimizing any visual discomfort to other drivers.


  • Rostra 260-1006-UNI 4-LED Universal Daytime Running Lights
  • Daytime Running Lights 4-LED Long Slim Design





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