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Rostra 250-7598

Bluetooth® Switch Universal Applications

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  • Manufacturer: Rostra


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Now compare the experience above with having a Con-Verse Bluetooth® system installed in your vehicle. When your mobile device is paired with the Con-Verse Bluetooth® module, every time your vehicle is started, the phone will connect automatically. While driving, an incoming phone call will automatically mute the radio in the vehicle and play the ringtone from your phone over the vehicle’s speakers. With a quick press of the Answer Key on your Con-Verse control switch (the phone icon in the picture to the right), you can answer the call (Note: holding down the Answer Key will reject the phone call). If you’ve chosen to answer the call, the voice of the person on the other end of the line will play through the vehicle’s speakers while you can respond through the Con-Verse microphone (included with every system). With the Con-Verse system, you’re able to have a conversation while driving and keeping both hands safely on the wheel. As well, the included Con-Verse control switch has a built-in blue LED backlight so that it’s easy to locate while driving at night.


  • Bluetooth® Switch Universal Applications
  • Rostra 250-7598 Converse Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth® Module Control Switch





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