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NAV-TV Kit 935 Secure-A-Key/2032 (Single)

Secure-A-Key/2032 (Single)

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  • Manufacturer: NAV-TV


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Secure-A-Key is an anti-theft device specifically designed for preventing relay-style frequency amplification attacks. The most common way high-tech thieves steal PKE-equipped cars is by using a device to capture frequency of the vehicle’s key-fob, then transmit the data to a co-conspirator near the vehicle for unlocking and starting the car. Secure-A-Key installs inside your vehicle’s Keyless-GO remote and electronically disconnects the battery from the fob after a few minutes of in-activity. This disables the radio frequency communication of the keyfob until the key is once again in motion.

This package includes (1x) Secure-A-Key size: 2032.





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