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NAV-TV Kit 881 GVIF-Lex 13

GVIF-Lex 13

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  • Manufacturer: NAV-TV


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The GVIF-LEX13 Kit interfaces 2 composite video inputs (including backup camera input) and an HDMI input (if desired) to the factory media screen in select ’13-’17 Lexus vehicles equipped without Gracenote. Installation is performed behind the radio (CD player) and screen.

Connection Type: OEM Video cable interception

Plug & Play: Yes

Activation: CAN or wire trigger & OEM button (aux vid)

Video Inputs: 2 composite (rear cam + 1 aux video), 1 HDMI input (built-in)

Video Outputs: None

Audio Inputs: HDMI only

Audio Outputs: Analog low level (for HDMI only)





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