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Mobileye Collision Avoidance System

ME6300000 Mobileye 630 Series Lane Departure & Front Collision System

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NOTE: This product requires professional installation by a Mobileye trained and certified dealer and is not sold directly to consumers.

Adding a Mobileye Collision Avoidane system to your car, truck, SUV or RV can significatnly reduce the chances of having a collission. Most accidents are caused by drifting out of lanes, either into oncoming traffic or off the road, and by following too close to the vehicle in front of you. Other causes include vehicles, motorcycles, bikes and pedestrians that suddenly appear without notice. In all cases, your Mobileye system can alert you, giving you valuable time to react and stop. Features of the Mobileye system include:

  • FCW Forward Collision Warning: Mobileye recognizes vehicles in front of you, and because it knows your vehicle’s speed, can accurately determine a safe following distance. If you are driving too closely, you will warned audibly and visually by the Mobileye display
  • UFCW Urban Forward Collision Warning: Alerts driver to slow creep forward collisons.
  • HWM Headway Monitoring: Alerts driver if following too closely to vehicle ahead. Distance is adjustable for distance, volume and on/off
  • LDW Lane Departure Warning: If your vehicle drifts to either lane edge, your Mobileye system will alert you visually and audibly. Lane changes made with the turn signal on will not alert, as the turn signal indicates that the driver is not unintentionally crossing the lane.
  • PDW Pedestrian Detection Warning: Alerts driver to pedestrians crossing the path of the vehicle
  • PCW Pedestiran Collision Warning: Alerts driver if there is an iminent collison with a pedistrian unless brakes are applied quickly

In addition, your Mobileye system provides the following safety and convenience features:

  • IHC Intelligent High-Beam Control: Automatically lowers high beams to oncoming traffic, then reactivates high-beams when oncoming car passies
  • SLI Speed Limit Indicator: Recognizes posted highway signs and monitors vehicle speed vs posted speed limits.
  • TSR Turn Signal Reminder: Alerts driver to turn signals inadvertantly left on for extended periods of time

Did you know?

  • 93% of all accidents are due to human error, driver inattention being the primary cause.
  • Close to 80% of accidents include driver inattention in the 3 seconds preceding the accident.
  • 60% of road accident fatalities are due to unintentional lane departures
  • 90% of rear-end accidents can be prevented by receiving 1.5 seconds of advance warning

Mobileye’s warning system provides almost three full seconds of warning. These means that many collisions will be avoided, saving damage, injuries or even lives.

Mobilye cannot be installed by anyone other than a trained and certified Mobileye installation point. There are specific and expensive tools required to install and calibrate a Mobileye system, and access to vehicle CANBUS data is required.





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