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K40 RLS2

All-Band Radar and Laser Detector With GPS Technology

Key Features:
  • Manufacturer: K40 Electronics


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The all-new K40 RLS2 portable radar/laser detector with GPS also features our innovative K-Band Filter. This filter helps eliminate false alerts from OEM radar-based accessories. No more K-Band alerts from adaptive cruise control or lane departure warning systems!


  • K-Band Filter – An advanced, automatic filtering technology that intelligently recognizes and rejects radar-based safety features (such as adaptive cruise control or blind spot assist) in other vehicles so you can remain focused on real radar threats.
  • Traffic Sensor Filter – The RLS2 will reject alerts from traffic flow sensors usually encountered during highway driving.
  • Flexible Mute options – Offers multiple ways to silence alerts, including automatic volume reduction.
  • Dim – Adjust the intensity of the display depending on the time of day or your visual preference.
  • Mark to Mute – Mute audible warnings of false, non-police radar locations you regularly travel past with a simple button push.
  • Mark to Alert – Mark dangerous intersections, speed traps, school zones and red light cameras.
  • Quiet Ride – Mute alerts under a pre-selected speed. Eliminates alerts when you plan to drive near, at or below the posted speed limit.
  • Speed Monitor – Track your speed without taking your eyes off the road.


  • Operating Frequencies: 10.500 – 10.550 GHz (X-Band),24.050 – 24.250 GHz (K-Band),33.400 – 36.000 GHz (Ka-Band)
  • power Requirements: 11.5 – 16.0 Volts DC negative ground,170 mA typical standby
  • Dimensions: 5.11 in. L x 2.86 in. W x 1.39 in. H
  • Weight: 5.1 oz.
  • Voice Type – Male / Female
  • Audible Voice – Voice On / Voice Off
  • Wake Up – Wake Up Long / Wake Up Short (abbreviated start-up sequence)
  • Speed Displayed – Speed On / Speed Off – for mph/kph on screen
  • Compass Heading – On / Off – directional heading on screen
  • Traffic Sensor Filter – Off / On – Enables filtration radar signals from traffic flow sensors
  • Quiet Ride – Set minimum detection speed from 5 mph – 75mph / 10 kph – 120 kph
  • Speed Monitor – Set to alert when a preselected speed is exceeded.
  • X-Band – On / Off
  • K-Band – On / Off
  • Ka-Band – On / Off
  • Laser – On / Off
  • Factory Reset





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