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K40 DUAL LDO – Dual Laser Defuser Optix Transponders w/Interface

K40 Laser Optix Laser Transponder (2) w Interface

Key Features:
  • Manufacturer: K40 Electronics


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K40 DUAL-LDO Laser Defuser Optix

Since introducing the world’s first laser jammer countermeasure to police laser guns  in 1994, K40 Electronics has evolved the high-performance Laser Defuser line with industry-leading innovations.  Choose the laser jammer defense against laser tickets that’s right for you, your vehicle and the way you drive with either the Laser Defuser g5 or the Laser Defuser Optix.

Radar System Compatibility – All K40 Laser Defusers integrate with any K40 remote radar system, thereby utilizing a single warning display (instrument-mounted LED(s) for both police radar and police laser alerts.

Each Laser Defuser Optix transponder contains a powerful Nanostack™ technology pulsed laser diode for high optical output power and outstanding reliability.


Laser Defuser Optix

  • Ultra-Compact Footprint for Discreet Placement
    Sized similar to a slim automotive key fob or USB flash drive, the Laser Defuser Optix compact footprint allows easy and discreet installation into grilles and other tight spaces
  • Updateable to Ensure Optimum Performance
    The in-vehicle sync interface controller features a USB port so its system software can be updated as new police laser gun technology emerges
  • Maximum Coverage Protection
    The in-vehicle sync interface can fire up to five transponders simultaneously for superior detection and maximum jamming output to combat the latest VPR LIDAR guns.
  • Operating Wavelength
    905 nanometers
  • Laser Class
    Class 1 laser product (eye safe), compliant with Laser Product Performance Standards: US FDA 21 CFR, Part 1, Sub J, 1040.10 &11
  • Diode Type
    Pulsed Nanostack™ technology laser with epitaxially stacked emitters

Three User-Selectable Transmit Modes

  • Constant Transmit
    The Laser Defuser Optix will continuously transmit a signal for the duration of the laser encounter
  • Pulse Transmit
    The Laser Defuser Optix will transmit a signal for 5 seconds so you can safely reduce speed. The system will then shut off for 30 seconds. At this point, the laser targeting police officer has obtained a slower speed reading for your vehicle while eliminating the suspicion of “jamming” where the use of laser jammers is prohibited
  • Receive Only
    For notification only. No signal will be emitted

California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING





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