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Horntones MP3 Enabled Vehicle Horn

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  • Manufacturer: Horntones


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  • The Horntones FX-550 is the one and only full-range, MP3 enabled vehicle horn system that comes complete with a full-range 110dB+ horn speaker, amplifier, and a control system that stores and plays pre-loaded and custom MP3 files through your horn speaker. It plays voice files, music, tones, and any other creative audio file you want with a loud, “ringtone” for your car that you can play at any moment! The FX-550 generates 110db+ of sound pressure and comes with 27 tones pre-installed. Additionally, you can download other free tones to your control unit via USB from Horntones website AND you can upload your own files to the system on their website too!
  • The FX-550 system is universal and a simple, straight forward installation, similar to a car amplifier install. With 27 “Horntones” factory-loaded and with additional tones available on our website, the possibilities are endless! Some examples include pranking your friends, scaring cows (with the “moooo” cow ringtone), uploading your favorite song, and making your vehicle “talk” through the horn speaker. Because this system is patented and fully customizable, you can be sure that you will have a one-of-a-kind system. Additionally, because the horn is a full-range speaker, this system is ideal for those out there that want crystal clear, LOUD messages blared out from their vehicle


  • Three part system:
    1. Main player/receiver that fits on, in or under your dashboard
    2. Audio amplifier that provides power to the full-range horn speaker
    3. Rugged, weatherproof FULL-RANGE horn speaker that mounts under your hood, in the wheel well, or anywhere else you would like to mount it.
  • Creating your own Horntones is easy as you simply upload your MP3 file(s) to the Horntones website, then transfer them to your Horntone control unit using a USB thumb drive. There is NO NEED TO REMOVE the control unit player from your vehicle!





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