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Blind-spot Detection System Premium

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  • A premium Aftermarket Blind Spot Detection System
    • A new proprietary, complex controller algorithm uses both front and rear sensors to intelligently determine real blind spot obstacles.
    • Fewer false alarms means you can drive with confidence.
    • Able to identify stationary obstacles, such as parked cars and curbs.
  • Perfect for most sports cars, sedans, SUV’s and trucks. 
  • Maximum range of approx. 10 feet, covers most common blind spot areas
  • Uses reliable, Sonar technology with detection in less than 120ms.
  • Installs in virtually any modern vehicle using a 12v electrical system.
  • Includes everything needed to get installed and working 
    • Main Controller Unit 
    • Two Rear Bumper Sensors (paintable***)
    • Two Front Bumper Sensors (paintable***)
    • Two LED indicators (for installation inside of vehicle) 
    • One Alarm unit (for audible warning of a vehicle in your blind spot) 
    • A complete wiring harness for plug and play installation (some wiring connections are required)
    • Includes a custom, exact size Hole-Saw for drilling in to your vehicles bumper





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