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Fast Rings F.A.S.T. 8 (FAST8)

Foam baffle kit for two 8″ speakers

Key Features:
  • Manufacturer: Fast Rings


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Each Fast Ring is three concentric foam circles, a center pad, an inner ring, and an outer ring. They mount around a speaker to improve sound quality. Typical mounting is in a door, but they can be used in almost any speaker location.


  • Foam baffles cut down on unwanted resonance
  • Self-adhesive foam simplifies installation
  • Increases midbass


Center Pad: The center pad mounts to the inside of the outer door panel, directly behind the speaker. This pad absorbs much of the speaker’s back wave, helping prevent interference with the front wave you want to listen to, and reduces vibration. Dimensions:

  • Diameter: 7-1/8″
  • Depth: 2″ (can be trimmed to fit)

Inner Ring: The inner ring is sandwiched between the speaker and the mounting surface, providing a barrier to prevent low frequency (bass) cancellation. Dimensions:

  • Outer Diameter: 8-1/8″
  • Inner Diameter: 7-1/8″
  • Depth: 2″ (typically trimmed to 1/4″)

Outer Ring: The outer concentric ring mounts to the top of the speaker and is sandwiched between the speaker and door panel. This ring directs all the speaker output into the cabin, and acts as a barrier to interference from rear waves trapped inside the door panel. This ring also helps prevent the door panel from vibrating. Dimensions:

  • Outer Diameter: 9-3/8″
  • Inner Diameter: 8-1/8″
  • Depth: 2″ (can be trimmed to fit)





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